Some of us are Grover



(some thoughts on the confusion and joy of spiritual eldership….)


We may all be Moses….. but some of us are Grover.

  • Grover always acts from a place of service in love
  • Grover clearly feels a call to what is right – and never is told what that is
  • Grover knows that solutions come from taking great risks, and he takes them.
  • Grover can’t always be “super Grover” – he has to make a living among the people, as a fireman, waiter, librarian…this is where he is given the work to do.
  • Grover would NEVER respond to a talking, burning bush. He’d put the fire out. Safety first!
  • Grover is not physically strong enough to carry stone tablets down a mountain. especially twice.
  • Grover gets caught up in the day-to-day process of figuring things out. He is faithful in chaos and confusion. Things just somehow work out alright. Grover never seems to get to know why.
  • Super Grover can fly. He jumps into the air and takes off with out a net. But he can’t LAND. He crashes into the ground yelling “arrgghhh”.
  • Wherever Grover lands is where he is available to do the Work that is right under his feet.



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